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To: Shiloh Church Family

From: Pastor Anthony M. Robinson, Sr.


We have been blessed another day from the Almighty God to see his mercy and loving kindness.  Do not forget to give Him His Glory.  I want us to be mindful that we are just people.  We do not have all the answers and we don't even have the ability to change a life, or even our own lives and make it better with special power.

Nevertheless, there is someone who does...Jesus is making lives better and better...if He is given the opportunity.  We try everything else, why not Jesus?  By better, I mean exciting, meaningful lives, fulfilling and encouraging.  Each week God brings us into His presence, where we experience the true riches He desires for all people.  We have a chance to see God's hand moving in our lives even in circumstances we do not desire.  So take a look and see that YOU ARE ALIVE TODAY.  You have been given another chance to move closer to Him.

So this coming New Year, let's start today and make an attempt to express Jesus in our lives.  Right now, make up your mind to start the rejuvenation process of a new spiritual beginning; a loving spirit, reconcile any differences and be the example Jesus is expecting us to be.  But, keep in mind, we are human and we need Jesus' power to be successful in those areas mentioned above.

Last and final point, remember, Jesus will come unexpectedly.  Be mindful of that truth and be ready.  use this  as your witnessing guide and tool to someone who may start complaining around you.  Use this for someone who never sees any good in the morning that God created...that they didn't create or know where to begin to create.  Use this as your guide for those cantankerous folks who complain about every little thing not being right...except them.  God Bless!

God's Love,

Pastor Anthony M. Robinson, Sr.


The Robinson Family
"The Church That Cares"