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Men Sunday School
9:30am - 10:25am
When I Became A Man

Sunday School 
9:30am - 10:30am
Share the Grief

Sunday Service

Pastor Anthony M. Robinson, Sr. & Sister Juanita Robinson
Pastor Anthony M. and First Lady Juanita Robinson Sr.
 We welcome you to worship God with us and our church family and friends

DISCIPLESHIP: If you do not come in close contact with unbelievers on a regular basis, then pray that God will bring someone into your life with whom you can share the Gospel. If you already have relationships with those who are unsaved, pray that God will not only open doors of opportunity for you to witness, but that He will give you boldness when that time comes.

"Education is expensive, but ignorance has a cost too.

Come and Raise Your Game with Us





Our world has changed and is changing daily. This means connecting every single person within the fellowship of Shiloh Baptist Church, with the basics of learning who we serve, why we serve, with understanding and learning how to cope in this life.

I am excited to bring our Christian Education courses back and to present a new Christian Education course “In A Twinkling of an Eye.” This new course is taught by Dr. Kim McBride. God’s goal is our goal, ensuring every person from member to visitor, receives the education they need to be successful on this life journey.

At the heart of this change is personalized learning, which will enhance your enthusiasm for participation in our Christian Education Ministry. See format on following page.


Pastor Anthony M. Robinson, Sr.

Pastor Anthony M. Robinson, Sr.

May 5th-June 9th 2024

In a Twinkling of an Eye (6 week Course)

Facilitator: Dr. Kim McBride


Time: 9:30am-10:25

Format: Hand-out materials & Discussion

You will learn what the Bible says about Death and Dying.

June 16th-July 21st 2024 (6 week course)

Men’s Community Bible Study-When I Became A Man

Facilitators: Min. Lee McBride & Min. Jason Myers

Fellowship Hall Room (TBA)

Time: 9:30am-10:25am

Format: Book & Discussion

This is a continuation course:

We are a group of men who love the Lord, our community & fellowship. This course teaches seasoned men & young men, what it’s like to follow the Lord, grow daily and connect with other men to join into the knowledge of God. We use a discussion format from the book, “When I Became A Man” by James Daughtry.

June 16th-July 21st 2024 (6 week course)

Care Group: Share the Grief 2024

Facilitator: Min. D. Young


Time: 9:30am-10-25am

Format: Support group, discussion and learning.

This is a continuation course:

As a support group ministry for grieving people, this care group focuses on the loss/death of a friend, spouse, parent, child, etc. This is a ministry for healing and learning how to grieve, why healthy grieving is important for our healing.

July 28th-September 1st 2024 (6 week course)

Embrace Hope

Facilitator: Min. T. Hamilton


Time: 9:30am-10-25am

Format: Mental Addiction, support group, discussion and learning.

This is a continuation course:

Life is filled with all sorts of fears, worries and untold stress. But you do not have to remain captive by your own mental addictions or others mental addictions. Come and learn impactful and life changing truths of how God has hope and a future for our mental and spiritual well being.

We Are Not Walking Alone Isaiah 30:21

"The Church That Cares"